MavenDoc is the ideal solution for traffic and electronic document viewing.

Make your documents accessible from anywhere. See our success stories in electronic process, GED systems and learn how MavenDoc can help your organization to innovate in the form of document viewing.

Benefits of MavenDoc

The MavenDoc solves the problem of transfer and document viewing of companies through the web. Give us a try and earn more efficient in sending and viewing your documents.

grade More than 60 types of documents

See the web without additional plugins or licenses more than 60 types of documents, from PDF, Office, images, OpenXML, ADF to Corel Draw, InDesign, Photoshop, StudioMax, among others.

insert_emoticon Security and confidentiality

Documents meet the visibility requirements for their organization by providing access to only the pages or sections that the user can view

wb_incandescent Digital Certificate

Bring More reliability for your document solution. The MavenDoc supports P7B formats P7S and desatachadas digital signatures of the original document.

description single license without limits

different license model without limitations on the number of users, or access documents. Use the will according to your ideal business model..

call_made Multiplatform

Can be installed in own servers or on virtual Windows or Linux machines, with the most common relational databases market as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

thumb_up Notes and work groups

Your staff can create text notes and markings on the pages of the document and control the visibility of them allowing a safe and efficient teamwork.

gesture Mobility

Has responsive version for tablets and smartphones. Take your documents anywhere with apps for Android and iOS.

gesture Scanned documents

Ideal for electronic processes, library collections and other digitized formats. The user starts to view the paper documents with OCR and advanced features in digital format.

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